Thursday, April 26, 2012


Tumhe zulfon mein apni uljhane ka mann hai
Tumhe aur paas thoda bulane ka mann hai
Tadapta hai kitna ye dil tumhare liye
Nazron se aaj tumhe batlane ka mann hai


Metallica bhakt! said...

Loved it...

leveret said...

I have been reading u since "My bf Days.. :)" Am happy to see u melting right from a stubborn,level-headed to a visionary. Feels great to read u.
Keep writing for us.

Vik said...

Haay... :P

"Tumhe zulfon mein apni uljhane ka mann hai"- sounds like something entirely new when compared to "teri zulfon mein zindagi gujaar dein" wagairah wagairah.....
we need more women shaayars! :)

Phoenix said...


Thank you :)

:) Will do. Are you really sure I have melted down from the "stubborn" days?

Thanks for reading :)

Totally vouch for it. However shayari is sort of wasted when nobody appreciates it (it sounds "weird" from women's mouths, i have been told), and most importantly, jiske liye likhi ho wahi ignore kar de :P :P :P

naween said...

मन की बातों को कहने बैठें
तो सूरज तारों से मिल आए
कुछ बातें अनकही ही रहने दो
शब्दों में उनका अर्थ कैसे समाये

Phoenix said...

meri ankahi ko apne shandon ke jaal mein na bhulaao
maana ghulam hain hum tumhare, par kabhi to hamare mann ko bhi behlaao

arun said...

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leveret said...

hahaha. there is a new facade for sure.

You have been quite deep lately.
But if talk of me, I like your vivacity.

I would request you to share more posts like "My Bf days" and "Oh Responsibility".

@Readers Support me, :)